M. CROW is a general store located in Lostine, Oregon (population 300). It was opened and run by the Crow family for over a century until 2012 when they sold it to Wallowa Valley native, Tyler Hays. The Hays and the Crow families were homesteaders of the valley in the late 1800's, and the store has been a fixture of Wallowa County heritage since its earliest days.

Tyler grew up down the road and spent his childhood in the woods trapping and hunting. He is now an artist and designer in New York City and an obsessive maker and inventor (more about Tyler Hays HERE). He has kept M. Crow as the original salient hub of meeting and commerce for the tiny town of Lostine, and has made it an outlet for a myriad of his passions and crafts. In the store, Tyler brews and sells beer (as well as wholesome food), and he designs, makes, and sells clothing, denim, ceramics, knives, and even mosquito repellant from foraged local plants. Check back, as there is always something new.

He is thankful to the Crow family for trusting him with their namesake and has promised to do them proud. The long-term goal of M. Crow is to continue to build more products in the valley from sustainable, local resources, and provide jobs and vitality to the valley's economy, continuing the legacy of both the Crows' and the Hays' ancestors.